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Dori Damboise-Andersen


University of Connecticut:
Paralegal Litigation Certificate


National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP):
Credentialed Family & Victims Advocate (NACP #: N57--340-1747)

Office for Victims of Crime Training & Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC):

Basics: The Civil Justice System

Basics: The Criminal Justice System

Basics: Ethics

Basics: The Military Justice System

Basics: Tribal Justice System

Basics: Types of Victim Services

Basics: Victim Compensation

Basics: Victims' Rights

Core Competencies and Skills: Advocacy

Core Competencies and Skills: Assisting Victims' Needs

Core Competencies and Skills: Basic Communication Skills

Core Competencies and Skills: Collaboration

Core Competencies and Skills: Confidentiality

Core Competencies and Skills: Conflict Management and Negotiation

Core Competencies and Skills: Crisis Intervention

Core Competencies and Skills: Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion

Core Competencies and Skills: Documentation

Core Competencies and Skills: Problem Solving

Core Competencies and Skills: Referrals

Core Competencies and Skills: Self-Care

Core Competencies and Skills: Trauma-informed Care

Crimes: Arson

Crimes: Assault

Crimes: Bullying

Crimes: Child Abuse and Neglect

Crimes: Cyber Fraud

Crimes: Elder Abuse

Crimes: Financial Crimes

Crimes: Hate and Bias Crimes

Crimes: Human Trafficking

Crimes: Identity Theft

Crimes: Impaired Driving

Crimes: Intimate Partner Violence

Crimes: Property Crime

Crimes: Sexual Assault

Crimes: Stalking

Crimes: Teen Relationship Abuse

Crimes: Mass Violence and Terrorism

Specific Considerations: American Indian/Alaska Native Populations

Specific Considerations: Victims of Campus Sexual Assault

Specific Considerations: Children and Youth

Specific Considerations: Older Adults

Specific Considerations: Homeless Populations


National Center For Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC):
Introduction to National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Certificate

Teaching Online Safety Certificate

Child Safety Resources Certificate

Children on the Autism Spectrum: Considerations and Support Certificate

Delivering Child Safety Presentations: Best Practices Certificate

Florida's Enhanced Missing Child Alert Certificate

Introduction to Child Sex Trafficking Certificate

Missing Children: NCMEC Data & Resources Certificate

Serving Families: Community-Based Resources and Support Certificate

United States Secret Service and NCMEC Training

Parent CONNECT Child Safety Discussion series Training

Understanding CSAM and  its Impacts Training

NCMEC's Resources & Assistance for Native American & Indigenous Communities Training

How to Search For and Protect Children on the Autism Spectrum Training

Resources for Family and Caregivers of Children on the Autism Spectrum Training

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